“I’m Fine”

I remember the moment as clear as day, he walked into class and took a seat next to me. He smiled my way and offered his hand. “Hey, how are you?” he asked a smile still intact.  I gave him a look, one that I hope he’d forget. It was pure astonishment, someone had noticed … More “I’m Fine”

You’re Home

When you hear the word home, one would automatically think of the roof over your head. Or the room you storm to when you get into an argument with your parents. Or a place you go to when you need to stop and relax from the outside world. But I think of you. The roof … More You’re Home

Gender Equality

Gender equality has been an issue in today’s society for quite awhile now. The question ringing in everyone’s ear, “Why does gender matter when it comes to equality?” Gender is supposedly a matter when it comes to equality because for as long as anyone could remember, males had always seemed to be the superior one … More Gender Equality

How Does A Community Define An Individual?

  Such a simple question yet there are so many different ways into answering this question, and every answer is debatable depending on how you perceive the situation. I believe that a community is able to define an individual through the individual’s actions and mistakes. Through the mistakes and actions of the individual, it makes … More How Does A Community Define An Individual?

I Am Not Me

I find it oddly entertaining how many different personalities I have. When I’m surrounded by my peers, classmates, and/or acquaintances, I am as calm can be. When I’m surrounded by my best friends, all hell breaks loose and I’m wild as can be. When I’m surrounded by my family, I am obedient as can be. … More I Am Not Me

Write to Write

Don’t think. Don’t erase. Just write. I never really understood the beauty of free writing. Sitting down with a piece of paper, a timer set to 15 minutes, and a pencil ready to zoom between the blue lines infront of me,┬ánever felt more exhilirating. 15 minutes. As a highschool student, we never really recieve the … More Write to Write