One Simple Act

It takes one simple action to make someone’s day.

I learned as I grew older that you don’t need to do extravagant things for other people to make their day. Actions as simple as saying hi to strangers as you walk through the highschool, or telling someone to have a great day, are just some examples on how to make someone day better.

A month ago, I remember on this particular Monday, almost all my friends were in an extremely bad mood for some reason. Mostly because they found out that the homecoming venue was being changed or they were just having a bad day.

I took that oppurtunity to try and make their Tuesdays better.

I decided to write little on little post-it notes, positive messages to get people through the week. I wrote things such as “have a great day” or “don’t forget to smile!”.


It took me about four hour to hand make every little note, box, and tape the hershey’s kiss into the box, but it was worth it.

As I was handing them out on Tuesday, I ended up getting so many positive responses. Alot of people had given me hugs and told me that it made their week. I also recieved loads of positive messages back, telling me to have a great day as well.

Knowing that everyone started to recover from their Monday, made my day alot better.

This was just one simple act of kindess, but there are million other things that we can do to make someone’s day.

For example, there are two boys at my school, Fountain Valley Highschool, who stand outside the gates and wave to people, wishing them to have a great day, as they leave the school premises.

I always encounter the two boys when I leave school after 5th period, and they never fail to put a smile on my face whenever I pass by them. I don’t know their names, nor do I know why they are doing this-but I’m not complaining because no matter what my mood is, they can brighten up my day.

The beauty of doing this one simple act is not for the recognition.

The doing of this one simple act isn’t to gain popularity.

This one simple act is to show yourself that there is more to life than just you.

This world is filled with 7 billion other people, no matter how miniscule you seem compared to other people, you play a big part in this community.

All it takes is one simple act to start a chain reaction of happiness.

Here are some other examples :

  • compliment a stranger
  • tell someone to have a nice day
  • sit with someone at lunch who looks loney
  • smile to others, regardless if you know them or not
  • buy someone’s lunch
  • ask someone how their day is going

The list is endless.

Have a great day everyone, and I hope that you are able to do One Simple Act of kindess today to make someone’s day better.

4 thoughts on “One Simple Act

  1. This is so nice, and I remember that day, seeing you with the boxes and candy wondering why you had them. I agree that a simple act can shape someone’s day and even future. Very nice to read.


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