Write to Write

Don’t think.

Don’t erase.

Just write.

I never really understood the beauty of free writing. Sitting down with a piece of paper, a timer set to 15 minutes, and a pencil ready to zoom between the blue lines infront of me, never felt more exhilirating.

15 minutes.

As a highschool student, we never really recieve the opportunity to create our own piece of work, without a prompt being thrown our way. It’s extremely frustrating having so many ideas floating in my mind, but being limited to only write what seems to be pleasing to the teacher.

We write for a grade, we don’t write for pleasure.

Writing somehow lost it’s pleasure as I ended up aging. When I was about 8 years old, the teacher told us to write about whatever came to mind, and never drew a line to what possibilities we were able to come up with. Around the age of 13, teachers prepared us to write with MLA format, a topic to stick to, and a strict amount of words that are meant to be used.

Where’s the pleasure in that?

10 minutes.

There is this activity we do in my English class every Tuesdays and Thursdays called “Zero Drafting”. We are handed a topic that is optional to follow, we can write about anything that comes to mind, and don’t have to worry about any guidelines. This is the type of writing I fell in love with as a child. Having the ability to freely write, without being constricted of my thoughts.

5 minutes.

By this time my hand ends up getting cramped from writing down all my thoughts onto the paper.

By this time, I’m not sure whether my thoughts make sense or not.

By this time, there are too many thoughts to write down but I have the need to cram everything inbetween the blue lines, in the margins, and every corner.

By this time, my heart is beating so fast i’m not sure if the timer is being set off or if my heartbeat is just that loud.

By this time, I’m craving to write more.

0 minutes.

This is me, writing to write.

One thought on “Write to Write

  1. This is honestly a great blog. I loved how you incorporated zero drafting into your blogs. This blog seemed very personal and down to earth, and I loved it. Your personal examples where what made the blog unique, so maybe expand on it to help support your love for free writing


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