You’re Home

When you hear the word home, one would automatically think of the roof over your head. Or the room you storm to when you get into an argument with your parents. Or a place you go to when you need to stop and relax from the outside world.

But I think of you.

The roof over my head is your arms wrapped around me.

That room being stormed into is my venting to you.

And that pause in the world, my little getaway?

That’s whenever I’m with you.

Because you’re home.


In a short amount of time you’ve wedged your way into my life.

You’ve found comfort on the hearth of my heart.

And that tiny place you’ve wiggled your way into? Is a place I’ve kept dark.

For years and years now people have tried-to crawl, to jump, to be that one. But those who have tried has come to an end, that dark journey they begun came up with no avail.

But you-you kept going. Despite all the trials, all the struggles, and the dead-ends.

You found another door, which lead to it all.

Because of you that “place” is no longer dark. 

It’s filled with light and unimaginable joy. A world I never thought I’d seek, a world I never thought could be roamed. 

You’ve taught me a lot, about life-about me. 

I’m not just a mess, poorly made or defined, I’m a mess no doubt-just a little less in your mind.

And I’m grateful you know? I’m delighted He decided to let our lives cross paths. 

Because let’s be honest before you, before us, I went down a tough road. 

I tripped, I fell, I cursed alot. 

I bled, I cried, I feared alot. 

Went down the wrong path almost took the left turn, which could have ended up with me snorting a ton. 

But you showed up, just in time. And I don’t think you realize how you were a blessing in disguise. 

But again the dark place, the one with the gapping hole. It was never meant to mend, never meant to accept you then. 

But you’ve built your four walls, with a stable foundation. Built your own roof to make sure that hole won’t gape in. 

You’ve fancy a home in my heart that you did, you’ve become home and that’s what that is.  

Although I’m still scared you know? 

Houses foreclose, houses get sold. 

So what am I left to do when my home isn’t a home? 

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